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Mens tank tops  

BLACK: S=81 M=156 L=293 XL=367 2XL=271 3XL=280
NAVY: S=35 M=32 L=102 XL=192 2XL=125 3XL=135
ORANGE: S=25 M=56 L=61 XL=140 2XL=115 3XL=122                       
ROYAL: S=30 M=56 L=89 XL=214 2XL=76 3XL=132
WHITE: S=33 M=53 L=100 XL=164 2XL=127 3XL=119
YELLOW: S=34 M=61 L=105 XL=157 2XL=139 3XL=147

RATIO: 1-3-4-3-1

Plain solid colors
Light weight breathable fabric that will help control body temperature.               
Four way stretch for flexible body room.
Great for indoor and outdoor active wear.
Fabric content: 100% Soft Polyester
Machine washable

              $2.50 *take all price 
rsz-rsz-1img-0050-BLU     rsz-rsz-1navy-NAV   rsz-rsz-img-0008-WHT   rsz-rsz-img-0038-ORNG      rsz-rsz-img-0052-GRN     rsz-rsz-img-0042-BLK